Monday, August 2 - 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Workshop 2: PANEL: OFCCP Compliance Review Practice – Practitioner Perspectives & Expert Opinions

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With regular input from 61 ILGs, the experience of its 24 Board members, and the support of its Advisory Council (expert consultants providing practice insight to the NILG), the NILG is uniquely positioned to report on what is on practitioners’ minds.  What is happening with the ongoing administrative transition?  What specific OFCCP audit practices have changed, and what should practitioners look out for; what should the contractor do if these issues arise in a review?  In addition to what to expect in current audits, the presentation will focus on the information the contractor should be gathering and the practices the contractor should have in place to meet current OFCCP requirements.  This “nuts and bolts” review will help federal contractors remain compliant in changing times.

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Vicki Pearson - NILG
Lynn Clements - Berkshire
Paul McGovern
Paul McGovern,, Praxis Compliance

Nita M. Beecher
Nita M. Beecher - Fortney Scott
Inderdeep Chatrath, PhD
Inderdeep Chatrath, PhD - Duke University
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