Tuesday, August 3 - 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Workshop 2: PANEL: Section 503 Compliance and Beyond

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Section 503 Compliance and Beyond will focus on how inclusion leads to compliance and generates employee and customer loyalty.

Topics covered will include:

  • the importance of executive support;

  • the benefits of well-organized self-identification campaigns;

  • the use of corporate disability benchmarking tools and their value;

  • how-to create a pipeline of candidates with disabilities;

  • the impact of disability inclusion training; and

  • how disability B/ERGs can play a role in all of the above.

3 Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how inclusion leads to compliance.

  • Learn from other companies how-to build a disability inclusive workplace that benefits applicants, candidates, employees and customers.

  • Gain knowledge on executive sponsorship, effective self-id campaigns and recruiting strategies, building impactful disability B/ERGs and using benchmarking tools for compliance and inclusion.

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Leslie Wilson - Disability;IN
Kevin Fitzpatrick - PepsiCo
Cathy Wozney - Sony Corporation of America
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