Amanda Bowman

Director of Audit Strategy and Regulatory Affairs - DCI Consulting Group

Amanda Bowman is the Director of Audit Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at DCI Consulting Group. Amanda’s primary focus is on OFCCP audit submission, support, and conciliation. She is also involved in monitoring and digesting regulatory changes and information collection requests impacting the Federal contractor community. Amanda is a board member of the Washington Metro ILG and has presented at several local ILG meetings. She has also presented at the NILG Conference.

2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

Wednesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Wednesday, July 27

Workshop 2

Lighting the Path for Strategic Audit Management
Amanda Bowman (DCI Consulting), Connie Cody (Coca Cola)

Once the desk audit is submitted an audit can take many paths, which can be difficult to plan for and manage. This session will provide strategies to approach some common, or noteworthy, requests seen in OFCCP audits. Presenters will bring practitioner and employer perspectives to addressing these requests and preparation. Participants will learn common requests made during OFCCP audits, strategies to prepare for and respond to requests and  ways to prepare the business for the unknowns.