Daniel Kuang, Ph.D.

VP of Legal and Audit Support Services - Biddle Consulting Group

Daniel Kuang, Ph.D., is the Vice President of Legal and Audit Support Services at Biddle Consulting Group.  Dr. Kuang is an expert in analyzing and modeling complex and messy data, concentrating on high-stakes data analytics and social psychological research.  He has extensive experience with Title VII related matters.  Specifically, he specializes in adverse impact and disparate treatment in class action employment matters including hiring, selection, promotion, termination, compensation, and discipline.  Dr. Kuang serves on the Northern California ILG and has presented extensively at both local ILGs and NILG conferences over the past 15-years. He is currently a member of the NILG Advisory Council.

2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

Wednesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Wednesday, July 27

Workshop 1

Bad Clam or Rotten Bushel – Rethinking ‘Systemic’ Pay Equity
Daniel Kuang (Biddle), David Garber (DCI), Paul McGovern (Praxis Compliance), Robert LaJeunesse (OFCCP)

Identifying and addressing systemic pay equity issues is critical to the success of women, people of color, and employers. Current strategies, tending to search for specific instances of bias, fail to recognize the systemic perspective.    A panel of experts, representing both OFCCP and the contractor community, will share some simple, yet powerful, “Pattern Analysis” techniques that will empower attendees to distinguish the systemic from the non-systemic, detect systemic pay inequities, and address such patterns comprehensively.