David Cohen

Founder and President - DCI Consulting Group, Inc.

David Cohen is the founder and President of DCI Consulting Group, Inc. He provides consulting services to employers and management law firms on a wide range of human resource risk management strategies, particularly in the areas of EEO/affirmative action program development, systemic compensation statistical analyses, comprehensive human resources self-audits, and employee selection and test validation. In addition, Mr. Cohen is the co-founder of The Institute for Workplace Equality, a national nonprofit employer association that trains and educates federal contractors in understanding and complying with their affirmative action and equal employment obligations. Mr. Cohen speaks frequently before corporate leaders from Fortune 500 companies, and at regional and NILG conferences and OFCCP events.

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

Wednesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Wednesday, July 27

Workshop 1

Update on Contemporary OFCCP Enforcement: 2021 Settlement Data
David Cohen (DCI Consulting)

In a typical year OFCCP conducts around 4,000 compliance evaluations that result in tens of millions of dollars in in back pay and benefits for tens of thousands of American workers. However, these summary data describe only a small part of the agency’s overall enforcement picture.  This is the 12th year Mr. Cohen has taken a data driven approach to understanding OFCCP enforcement activity, and as such trends over time are beginning to emerge. This presentation will detail the results of FY2021 data and trends over time.