Dean Sparlin

Principal - Sparlin Law Office, PLLC

Dean Sparlin is the founder and Principal of Sparlin Law Office, PLLC based in Fairfax, Virginia. He represents and advises management on employment issues, specializing in affirmative action plans and other applications of sophisticated statistical techniques to the field of employment law. In doing so, he draws upon his legal education at the College of William and Mary, a masters degree in statistics at George Mason University, and more than 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney and affirmative action consultant.   He has practiced in the field of employment law for 36 years, including 17 years at a large national law firm and the past 19 years as the founder of Sparlin Law Office, PLLC.


1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

PRE-CONFERENCE Monday, July 25

Workshop 2

UNC and Harvard U:  Déjà vu of Fisher or Adieu to Affirmative Action?
Marilynn Schuyler (Schuyler Affirmative Action), Dean Sparlin (Sparlin Law), Matt Camardella (Jackson Lewis) 

The Supreme Court will soon consider two cases challenging the consideration of race in college admissions, which the Court previously approved in Fisher.  The Harvard case tests affirmative action at private institutions, while the University of North Carolina case arises in a public setting.  We will talk about the issues, the stakes, and the potential outcomes.  We will also discuss options for advancing diversity if Fisher is reversed.