Josh Roffman

Managing Attorney - Roffman Horvitz, PLC

Josh Roffman is the Managing Attorney of the law firm that he co-founded with his friend and colleague, Alissa Horvitz.  The firm practices in the legal space where equal opportunity law and data analytics intersect, with a particular focus on helping government contractor organizations prepare affirmative action plans, evaluate pay equity under attorney client privilege, prepare for and participate in OFCCP compliance reviews, and comply with the OFCCP's regulatory requirements. Josh has presented at previous NILG conferences and is a member of the Baltimore ILG and Washington Metro ILG.

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

PRE-CONFERENCE Monday, July 25

Workshop 2

After AAP Data Analyses: Remember Other Compliance Obligations 
Joshua Roffman, Alissa A. Horvitz (Roffman Horvitz)  

A compliant AAP has data analyses and words.  The words often are a template that the employer is expected to customize based on the results of the data, but a lot of this boilerplate gets repeated each year without sufficient attention.  The presentation objectives include:
• giving attention to the non-data-analysis compliance requirements in OFCCP’s regulations
• helping employers to develop or maintain evidence to prove compliance
• avoiding technical violations in compliance reviews