Kelsey Smithisler

HR Compliance Program Manager - PPD

Kelsey Smithisler is currently the HR Compliance Program Manager at PPD. Kelsey has over 11 years of HR experience and is passionate about creating and implementing compliant solutions to business and people challenges. Kelsey provides compliance guidance and training through various internal presentations and training, and she previously presented at the 2020 I-9 Palooza. Prior to joining PPD, Kelsey was the Lead HR Compliance Specialist at Whole Foods Market. Kelsey is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Austin Human Resource Management Association.


3:15 PM – 4:30 PM

Tuesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Tuesday, July 26

Workshop 3

Your Audit Letter Is in the Mail: What Do You Do Next?
Rachel Rubino (Berkshire Associates) and Kelsey Smithisler (PPD)

magine being new to the affirmative action space and having to navigate multiple audits. That’s exactly the position that Kelsey Smithisler found herself in when she started at her company last year. In this presentation, Kelsey and Berkshire Managing Consultant Rachel Rubino take the stage to share how they worked together, how they mobilized internal stakeholders, and what they learned as they raced against the clock to close out multiple audits.