Krystal Welland

Senior Statistician - Silberman Law, PC

Krystal Welland has fifteen years of in-depth pay analysis experience. Krystal prepares Title VII, state-specific and international proactive pay equity analyses as well as formulates strategic pay analyses and reviews under OFCCP audits and EEOC systemic discrimination cases. Krystal performs complex pay equity regression analyses, adverse impact analyses and many other statistical tests employing the same methodology utilized by EEOC, OFCCP and other state enforcement agencies. Krystal specializes in proactive pay equity and pay parity analyses. Krystal was recognized by Colorado Law Week as an "outstanding legal professional" and often speaks at industry conferences on pay equity.

4:45 PM– 5:45 PM

Wednesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Wednesday, July 27

Plenary Session: ‘Root Causes’ – What are They, How do We Find Them, How do We Fix Them?

Mickey Silberman, Krystal Welland (Silberman Law PC)

Employers have embraced the need to address pay equity issues and have enhanced their commitment to DE&I. But most employers keep these two important initiatives separate. Yet many of the “root causes” for the persistent pay gap are also root causes for continuing diversity deficiencies. Join us as we uncover overlapping pay gap and diversity deficiency root causes and how to find them and fix them.