Lori Golden

Global Disability Strategy Leader - EY

Lori Golden is EY Global Disability Strategy Leader, driving efforts to build an enabling environment for people of all abilities, enhance accessibility, educate the workforce, and create new employment models, including EY’s Neuro-diverse Centers of Excellence. A member of the US Department of Labor's Circle of Champions and the Global Committee of Disability:IN, she served on the Disability: IN Board of Directors and is Board Vice Chair of TransCen, a non-profit for youth with disabilities. Lori has disabilities and two children with disabilities. A winner of EY’s Chairman’s Values and Better Begins with You Awards, she’s been at EY 24 years and is a graduate of Harvard University.

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Wednesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Wednesday, July 27

Workshop 5

Workplace Mental Health: Moving from Research to Practice
William Erickson, Ellice Switzer (Cornell University), Louis Orslene (ODEP), Lori Golden (EY)

The pandemic has led to an array of challenges including high levels of depression and anxiety.  Employers play a critical role in supporting employees navigating mental health challenges. In this panel presentation, attendees will become familiar with national data documenting the extent of mental health impacts on employees; how employers and EAPs address the mental health challenges presented by the pandemic; and online resources to help address workplace mental health issues.