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Nita Beecher is a nationally recognized expert on OFCCP and EEOC. She is Of Counsel to FortneyScott with a focus on OFCCP regulatory affairs. Ms. Beecher’s primary focus is labor and employment law with substantial experience in class investigations by the EEOC and OFCCP. She has more than 30 years of experience in labor and employment law and HR compliance. A member of the Saint Louis ILG where she presents regularly, Ms. Beecher has presented at the National ILG nearly every year since her first appearance in 2004;

  • 2020 Virtual NILG Conference, moderator for How Can Employers Move the Diversity Needle Without Running into Legal Trouble with Consuela Pinto (FortneyScott), Paul Francisco (State Street) and Marina Williams (Lockheed Martin)
  • 2017 Moderator for NILG Legal Expert Panel
  • 2017 NILG How to Move Beyond the Data…Let’s Get Strategic! With Jill Smith
  • 2016 Moderator for Legal Expert Panel at NILG
  • 2016 Moderator for Compensation, Compensation, Compensation at NILG
  • 2015 Moderator for Opening Panel at NILG in New York City and participant in Legal Experts Panel
  • 2014 presented with panel at pre-conference on video interviewing and on applicant tracking
  • 2013 NILG Moderator for closing panel of experts; presented with panel on ADA compliance and presented with panel on video interviewing at pre-conference
  • 2012 SWARM ILG Conference in San Antonio on April 13, 2012: Panelist, “Navigating the EEO Landscape: Pay Equity, Veterans’ Affirmative Action Requirements and Beyond”
  • 2012 NILG Annual Conference in Hawaii: “Workforce Metrics in the Global Environment: Best Practices in Managing the Balance between Global Diversity and Inclusion Needs, Local Laws and Regulations”
  • 2011 NILG Annual Conference in New Orleans: “Global Diversity – Managing the Balance Between Global Diversity Strategy and Local Compliance Requirements”
  • 2010 NILG Conference in Las Vegas on August 6, 2010—“Managing HR Risk in a Climate of Increased Compliance”
  • 24th Annual Industrial Liaison Group National Conference—Phoenix –Moderated the “Panel on “Internet Applicant Rule-What Has Worked and What Challenges Remain”
  • 22nd Annual Industrial Liaison Group National Conference in Saint Louis on “Maneuvering the Politics, Ethics, and Costs of Investigations: Practical Tips for Effective Resolutions.”

Panel – Enhancing DE&I through Pay Equity: Using Pay Equity to Assess the Success of DE&I

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