Sunil Yernagula, SR.

Data Scientist - Jackson Lewis P.C.

Sunil Yernagula is a Sr. Data Scientist in Jackson Lewis P.C.’s Houston, TX office. He regularly assists clients with data-driven projects, including those related to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

3:15 PM – 4:30 PM

Tuesday - REGULAR CONFERENCE Tuesday, July 26

Workshop 2

Using Data Science to Quantify Your Diversity Initiatives
K. Joy Chin, Sunil Yernagula, Eric Felsberg (Jackson Lewis)

Employers struggle to advance their diversity initiatives beyond basic policies and programs. Worse, some initiatives merely respond to a sound bite uttered by an executive. While well-intentioned, these initiatives are doomed for failure. In this session, employers will learn how to identify relevant data and data science methodologies to advance diversity initiatives; interpret and act upon analytical results; and design data-driven policies and programming that truly “move the needle.”