Will Waymel

Director of Audit Services - Kairos Services, Inc.

Will Waymel, Director of Audit Services at Kairos Services, Inc., serves clients by providing affirmative action program development and implementation, auditing, and training. His experience as a Bilingual Compliance Officer at the OFCCP investigating systemic discrimination in hiring, compensation, and testing, provides a unique perspective on the agency’s practices for contractors. Will has a passion for working with data - excelling in finding ways to utilize large and/or unstructured datasets using Excel’s Power Query and VBA, providing training to the OFCCP SWARM region while working in the Denver office for over seven years. Mr. Waymel earned an MBA and MS in International Business from the University of Colorado in Denver and is a member of the Colorado ILG.



10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

PRE-CONFERENCE Monday, July 25

Workshop 2

Drilling Down into Disparities
Will Waymel (Kairos)  

Selection disparities are identified. Now what? This workshop provides practical steps when indicators are identified in the Impact Ratio Analysis Reports. In addition to learning how to examine the underlying data to ensure results can be trusted for a step analysis, participants will learn the effect of dispositions on applicant data and how OFCCP conducts disparity analyses and calculates backpay.  This session will include selection disparities in hiring, promotions and terminations.